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We offer Architectural Product Solutions for Special Windows and Openings. We are experts in the supply and execution of synthetic turfs for Indoor and Outdoor Sports Surfaces including the civil works where all the jobs are executed by trained technical team

About Us

Aspire Interiors was incorporated in the year 2009. To begin with, we tied up with Hunter Douglas window fashions an international brand with the range of patented of window blinds to cater to High-end segment. We opened state of the art Galleries for their products in Bengaluru, Cochin and Hyderabad.

In due course, we added the distribution of whole lot of synthetic sports surfaces from Great Sports Infra, Hyderabad, the Licensee for Fieldturf USA, Tarkett France, Snapsports USA, Porplastic France and Tennis Incorporated. We have added Vinyl Sports flooring, Acrylic Surfaces, and Epdm outdoor flooring from Ebaco, another international Company.

In addition to the above, we represented Louverline another Quality Blind Manufacturing Company, Grorich Horivert for their architectural blinds like Interglass blinds, Patio/Monsoon blinds, Fabric Tension Systems, Interior and exterior Skylight blinds, Vergola, Tensile structures Carports, Pool Covers and retractable awnings.

We represent Daiken for their Mineral fiber and Metal Ceiling.

We have also executed numerous landscape projects with Artificial Grass for residences for their courtyards and Terraces.

Aspire is managed by a professional team and an excellent installation team. For larger projects our principals support us with their technical team. We have a large no of satisfied Clientele for blinds and Sports surfaces. The Company's head office is at Bengaluru with branch in Cochin.

We are today in a position to offer multiple product choices that would interest the Architects and the Clients. We are well appreciated in keeping up the delivery commitments and also offering prompt after sale services.

We work very closely with the Architects and the Clients.

Our Solutions

Artificial Turf for Soccer, Futsal, Hockey and Tennis Fields

Fieldturf from U. S. A., A Preferred Producer for FIFA. Number of FIFA size Soccer field installed 14 across the country. Available in Slit film and Mono Filament yarn. Turf heights ranges from 50mm to 63.5mm for Football Field. Installed on Crushed Stone Sub base with proper Slope, Drainage and Kerbing. All the large field were executed inclusive of sub base. Warranty varies from 5 to 8 years depending on the turf chosen. Delivery time 100 days from the date of awarding the Work Order including import of the turf. Please view the photos of the installation process of Football Field. Rubber Granules and Silica Sand are used as infills to offer the cushioning and most ideal playability condition.

Fieldturf also produces turfs approved by FIH and ITF for Hockey and Lawn Tennis. Installations in Kerala; Soccer field at Corporation stadium Thrissur and Hockey field at Quilon for National Games. They also produce turfs for Cricket Pitch and bowler's run-off area, Fieldturf is a member of US Green Building council, and Certified Lead-free.

Non-Infill turfs from Fieldturf are available for landscaping indoor and outdoor. Pile heights ranges from 20mm to 30mm.

High Impact Polypropylene Interlocking Modular Tiles

Snapsports from USA. Made out of High Impact Polypropylene with support legs to offer the cushioning effect. Games played on Snapsports are Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Shuttle, Futsal and Table Tennis. Limited warranty of 16 years. Tiles available in 1'x1' 1.5' x1.5' and 9.84' x9.84'. Installed on cemented/Hard surface. Ranges available Reactive, Duracourt, Indoor bounce back, Indoor bounce with shock towers, Maple bounce back with shock towers, Tuffshield, Maple XL. Except Maple bounce back/XL, other ranges are available in multiple colors to use to differentiating the Indoor Games or the areas within the game. It is multisport and multi activities flooring. Relocatable. Easy to install.

It is FIBA and ITF approved for the highest level play and has different varieties to cater to even amateur level play. The value proposition of SnapSports is mainly due to its ability to support multiple sports and still be suitable for non-sports usage. It is portable, therefore unlike most other sports surfaces, it is not locked down as a sunk investment and allows it to be used in multiple locations. SnapSports' superior quality is obvious with the 16-Year Warranty that it comes with, and the estimated life is much longer

Acrylic surface for Indoor and Outdoor Sports

The Tennis Incorporated, France /Ebaco-Durabolt Hardcourt range contains all surfaces in acrylic resin reinforced with silica loads and thorough-coloring. This range provides excellent value for money, with hardly any constraints in terms of maintenance. Hardcourt finishes are laid exclusively on an asphalt sub-base. Available from 2 Layers to 8 Layers cushioned system. The finishes in this range are formed in several courses.

  • A base course, which provides excellent adhesion to the sub-base, and also optimum leveling
  • A color course that fully covers the whole surface
  • A finishing course, equivalent to a wearing course.

Colors available: Green, Blue and Red

Games Played: Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton. It is ITF and FIBA approved. Carries Five Year Warranty.

Athletic Tracks PorPlastic

For more than four decades, Porplastic PUR/Rubber granules systems have achieved an excellent track record as sporting surfaces used in multiple sports (school sport facilities, running and run-up tracks, playing fields for ball sports, multi-purpose playing fields, tennis courts and many more. It is also an optimum playing surface for pros when performing during top class level national or international competitions and tournaments

Available ranges, SB economics, SW competition and M-Olympics. All certified by IAAF. Complete installation undertaken with sub base preparation and line marking. IAAF standards 8 lane track. We can provide 6 lanes or 4 Lanes track depending on the size of the site available.

Porplastic- SW Competition: High-performance system, water-impermeable, sandwich construction, extremely spike-resistant, structured surface, providing outstanding conditions for training and competition even in the wet and rain. Running/run-up tracks for use in mass sports and competitions, multi-purpose playing fields. Certified in accordance with DIN V 18035/6 coating type D, IAAF tested and certified. Total system thickness 13mm-17mm.

Porplastic- M-Olympic: Single or Multi-layer full PUR - bound coating is spread with colored EPDM granules, water-impermeable - that can handle the toughest and constant stress from spikes, granulated surfaces. The anti-slip properties under all weather conditions are dynamically sprung. Excellent appearance - for running/run-up tracks is of international standards for competitions and tournaments. It is certified in accordance with DIN V 18035/6coating type E, IAAF-tested and certified. Total System Thickness 13mm -18mm. M-Olympic is recommended for High Level Completion. Full PUR

Vinyl Indoor Sports Flooring

Brands available are Omnisports from Tarkett, Grabo from Ebaco and LG. Available from 3.5mm to 8.0 mm thickness. True Indoor sports surfaces and Gym floors. A perfect surface for all indoor sports, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball and Table Tennis. It's unique design combining Playability, Grip and Shock absorption for superior performance. It's Bounce Back technology results in excellent energy-restitution. Vinyl floor is ideal for Non-sports surfaces like Gym, Club house, and Cafeteria. It's durability can withstand placement of chairs and tables. Cost effective and excellent solution for Wood. It has the approvals of the respective sport's governing bodies.

EPDM Outdoor Children Play Area

It is wet pour surface suitable for children play area and Volleyball sports. Available in 15mm and 25mm thick. Attractive Patterns can be created with available colors free of cost for the children play area. The layers are 19mm rubber and the rest is epdm in 25mm thick. And 19mm rubber and 6mm epdm in case of 15mm thick.

Window Dressing

We offer a wide range of Stylish Fabric blinds to address your Normal and French window panels with a wide collection of Shades with Opacities to suit your decor; and Need. Besides, we have the option of Wood/Faux wood blinds for rustic look. The light filtering blinds allow diffused light into your Living room that enhances the ambiance of the room. For Privacy, we suggest room darkening or Semi Opaque shades. The blinds move up and down or move sideways with user friendly operating mechanisms and design options. We have blinds that address 16 feet wide opening with ease of operation. We can get them motorized as well or connect to your Home automation so that you can operate them with a remote unit or touch panel.

We address roof top windows with Skylight Blinds- either with Honeycomb or Roller fabrics with motorization.

Your Balcony windows or Patio windows are addressed with Ferrari fabric or Clear PVC fabric with roller or Roman operating systems. Installations are done by grouting them to the floor with steel wire ropes to withstand the wind velocity. These fabrics are weather-proof and therefore ideal for Exterior Usage.


Interglass blinds are the ideal solution for Partitions. Blinds of your choice within vacuumed double glazed glass of thickness 6mm to 8mm. They look excellent as partitions and also control noise levels. You can operate the blinds manually or with remote or switch of offer privacy or see through vision. The partitions are ideal for conference rooms, partions in selected office areas and residences. It can be used in the Star hotels' Bathrooms which offer elegance and privacy the same breadth.

Fabric Tension System (FTS)

Provides solutions for shading large areas, either horizontally or on a gradient. The FTS is an ideal solution for curved, horizontal or sloped glass panels and even vertical ones where the fabric needs to be constantly under tension. Applications include greenhouses, skylights, domes as well as beer gardens and terraces in restaurants, hotels and shopping centers

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